Organizational and Time Management Courses

The Seven Days to a More Organized You is a six modules course specifically geared towards helping you declutter, be more efficient and more organized. The course is self-paced, no need to rush through, take your time, and complete a specific area before moving to the next one.

This course is for you if:

This course is comprise of six modules:

Module 1: 

  • Living Room

Module 2:

  • Kitchen

Module 3:

  • Closet

Module 4:

  • Bedroom

Module 5:

  • Bathroom

Module 6:

  • Garage

What’s included: Assessments, Recommended books, and our Supply Locker. 

Time Management for the Overextended Professional

This program will teach you how to develop skills that include how to organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency; how to set and achieve goals; how to identify what’s important and create action plans to get things done; and, how to delegate properly.

This course is ideal for individuals who have too many things to do and not enough time to get them done.

The course is compose of eleven modules:

Module One:

  • What Is Time Management?
  • Why Time Management Is Important

Module Two:

  • Goal Setting: Hitting your Goals and Targets

Module Three:

  • Planning Tips and Tricks
  • Planning Tools
  • Case Study

Module Four:

  • Setting Priorities
  • Prioritizing Your Tasks
  • Your To-Do List

Module Five:

  • Making Decisions
  • Eight Ingredients for Good Decision Making
  • Weighting the Pros and Cons Scenario

Module Six:

  • Delegation
  • Guidelines for Success
  • The Story about Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody
  • Case Study

Module Seven:

  • Scheduling
  • Organizing Your Time
  • Creating a Schedule

Module Eight:

  • Putting an End to Procrastination
  • Eating the Frog

Module Nine:

  • Creating Order
  • Decluttering 
  • Making Connections
  • Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper

Module Ten:

  • Organizing Your Files
  • File Types
  • The Batching Technique

Module Eleven:

  • Managing Your Workload
  • Managing Email
  • Workload Analysis
  • Case Study

What’s included: Manual, Exercises, Case Study, and Assessments.