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With over 30 years of experience helping others achieve optimum levels of productivity and efficiency, Paris Love, CEO of the Paris Love Productivity Institute, is one of the country’s foremost organizational and productivity coaches. A best-selling author on, highly sought-after speaker, and former U.S. Army Sergeant, Love has a tremendous talent for bringing order to chaos, providing her clients with streamlined, efficient, manageable approaches to running their lives and businesses. After many years of working with a wide variety of clients in a host of settings, she’s honed in on her specialty: working with overextended professionals to increase their productivity and organizational skills so they live the life they crave.

Future Inc. 500 Company
Future Inc. 500 Company

Signature Presentation

How to Maximize 24 hours and Get More Done Effortlessly

This presentation focuses on being more productive and efficient during the course of your workday. Every day that goes by that you’re not being productive, you fall behind in daily tasks and lose opportunities to get in front of new clients, which can affect your bottom line. Love will show you how to manage your time so that getting more done feels virtually effortless. She presents a tried and true system for managing your time. Use it and you’ll end each day feeling relaxed, then start the following one off with a sense of renewed focus, knowing you crossed everything off your list yesterday and can do it again today!

Attendees learn how to

  • Identify their time style
  • Eliminate indecision and procrastination
  • Develop a “no” script for managing demands on your time
  • Establish boundaries
  • Create a sense of balance between your life and your career
Time Management for the Professional Woman

Ever notice how some people seem to be doing many things at once, while others stick to just one thing at a time? Or how some people have a plan and others like to just let it happen? In this presentation, you will learn how to simplify, focus and gain momentum in the direction of your dreams. Each of us has a time management personality and that no one time management tool works for everyone. Paris created five time styles to determine how you currently manage your time and resources. If you’re ready to learn tips and strategies to better manage your time as well as your team, this presentation is for you.


Presentations are available in half-day, full-day, or webinar format. If you’re ready to make getting efficient fun and exciting, book Paris Love for your next conference, retreat, workshop, meeting, or event!