We are currently hiring awesome individuals to join the Metro Nashville team of Paris Love Productivity Institute, LLC (PLPI). PLPI is a full-service organizational firm offering organizing, moving, and relocation services for residential and corporate clients.

Do you jump at the opportunity to organize/reorganize if something seems out of place?  Friends, family, and colleagues constantly praise you for how organized you are.  Are you often invited to organize their lives and homes?

If this sounds like you, then join our team and make a career with your outstanding organizational and decluttering skills!

  • Every organizing job is different. No two garages are the same; no two closets are the same; every organizing request is unique.
  • You must have a meticulous planner and calendar. So orderly that you never miss an appointment (or double-book your schedule)
  • Your goal is to listen to the client and help them identify their organizing challenges.  In essence, you are responsible for working one-on-one with clients on their organizing projects and establishing systems and processes that will help them maintain their organization.

Your ability to professionally present yourself and our services must build confidence in all clients and establish a relationship between the client and the PLPI organization that will leave each client feeling Wowed.

Click the job title for the description and instructions to apply.

Professional Organizing Assistant

Client Success Manager

Operations Manager

Social Media Specialist

Sales Position

You may apply using this link as well. Questions, please email us at info@parisloveproductivityinstitute.com